Treasure Gymnastics is an inclusive, friendly club based in Hampshire, which caters to all aspiring gymnasts, no matter what their current level of achievement. We have a carefully structured range of recreational and development groups, which allows our coaches to nurture talent, establish good, basic skills, and ensures our gymnasts develop their natural abilities amongst peers of a similar level. From 18 months and up, adult and child alike, we’re dedicated to helping you enjoy our diverse range of fun, fitness activities.


The club has been accredited with the British Gymnastics Quality Assurance Mark (also known as the GymMark), which means that we are recognised for our provision of quality. Our passionate and motivated coaches have extensive experience of teaching in both club and school settings, and have all completed nationally recognised coaching qualifications and current CRB checks. Not only that, but we also show our commitment to the sport, and to develop the full potential of our members, by providing a young volunteers’ scheme, and in-house coach training program, which compliments current British Gymnastics’ coaching qualifications, in order to encourage young people to stay involved in the sport.


As well as providing coaching in traditional artistic gymnastics, Treasure Gymnastics offer a wide range of exciting activities, including trampolining, display work, circus skills, and freestyle gymnastics – meaning there’s something for everyone!


There are also some amazing opportunities for our participants to volunteer in areas of our fast-growing, modern organisation. If you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer, whether it’s to coach, or take part in other, related, activities, please get in touch with us.


Treasure Gymnastics: British Gymnastics Registered Club no. 70031.


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